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I'm always looking for ways I can be more productive, make better use of my time and generally feel I'm on top of things - personally and professionally.

As a method I took a "Leap of faith" with Getting Things Done back in 2002. It's fair to say I haven't really looked back since.

If you're not familiar with GTD, at its most basic level: it's a way of managing the right list of things to do, in the right place, at the right time. That's it!

Give me a Moleskine and a good pen, some time and I'll have my @Next Actions sorted, though like many I occasionally struggle with my Weekly Review. Electronically I favour the OmniGroup suite of products - particularly OmniFocus and OmniOutliner.

Feeling content that I've done all I can do right now and confident I know what to do next is something I missed for many years.

Overall I have a keen interest in technology. Not technology per-sé, but useful technology. I'm keen to explore where technology is going, what it can offer and how it benefits the user.

My background is technology based - specifically software development, systems architecture, administration and service delivery. In my mind a successful product should be one where the user doesn't have to think about the workings in order to benefit. For example, when I flick a switch I just want the light-bulb to glow. I don't really care how the electricity was generated, how it was transported or how it's regulated, I just want the light to glow. This is how good products should present themselves.

I like to see and be involved with technology which makes life easier or aides me in capturing knowledge. I'm an information junkie - particularly financial and political - RSS and Google Reader are great examples of how things can work seemlessly to help me out.

My whole career has been involved with projects and I'd maintain anyone working in ICT has a career that's based around project life! Nevertheless I've spent 7 years as a Project Manager, taking and passing my Prince2 along the way.

Prince2, APM, etc are, in my opinion not the be-all and end-all of how to manage a project, but they are a good method to make sure you stay controllably within the boundaries of what can be achieved given the time/quality/cost triangle.

For me, the flexibility to require/dispense with Work Packages, amalgamating Receiving Completed Work Package (CS9) with Delivering a Work Package(MP3) based on the project requirements are very real benefits of following a proven method.

Having worked the project life-cycle on many occassions for differing values of project I'm a firm believer in sharing a common dictionary; everyone has the same understanding.

I'm a keen amateur photographer, with a preference for NOT taking landscape pictures, though I am rather proud of this picture of Brancaster Golf Club, taken from Brancaster beach.

Having switched to a DSLR from a traditional point and shoot I still have a lifetime of learning to catch-up on. When they say, "The difference between an amateur and a pro is about 10,000 mistakes", it's true and I think I'm on number 4.

I'm determined to do more with my photography and try and spend as much time with the camera as possible in a variety of situations. My preference is for portraiture, though I seem to have an innate fear of Weddings!

I keep a steady stream of photos on Flickr, trying to show a variety of styles and welcome any constructive critique.

How can anyone not like food? It's a basic requirement isn't it? Me? Food is my thing! I love cooking. I really enjoy entertaining and everthing that means.

Not only do I enjoy cooking, but I have a belief in local food and local suppliers. This is not a belief that has come about because of fashion, but one I have had for many years. I am confident that any plate of food I serve has ingredients which come from within 6 miles of home - except fish, but I do know exactly which Trawlers that comes from

I enjoy most styles of food, from British, to French, to Indian, to Italian, to Spanish, but most of all I enjoy the food that should be eaten right now - fresh!

Yes, I do follow some of the celebrity-chef's, but I am not ashamed of that. Like a good recipe book I find their work inspirational rather than instructional. The important factor is to be cooking good, fresh, local tasty meals. Where else, other than Somerset?